Technical side of comedy in Practice

Hello friends,

Since my last post, I’ve continue to write 15 more jokes and started practising my bits. Things are getting more real for me because I’ve also put 5 open mic visits into my calendar. That means, I may be on stage for the first time in 3 days.


Work Expands to Fit the Time Alotted…

…And so wanted to set up these open mics to give me a deadline to get my first 15-minute set ready. My goal is to have two 15-minute sets ready at all times. Quite frankly, I’ve been looking at some of the videos of fellow Toronto stand up comedians and I can do a lot better than them. I’m not being cocky, just being real.

My last post talked about the Science of Comedy. The post was a result of watching Louis CK’s Hilarious It talked about how to use various comedic devices and technologies to make the performance better. I thought I would share how I’m using that technical chart to map out my bits.


How this helps my Stand Up Comedy Performances

  • To ensure that there is variety in my acts from a performance point of view
  • To make sure that I change tone/emotion.
  • To help build structure and continuity into my act, etc.

What I’ve done is label the devices that I have/will use.  I’ve denoted the device with a ‘#’  So, to make it easier to read, I’d suggest searching this page (typically by typing ctrl+f and typing #) so you can see every device).  

Finally, I’d suggest reading this post in conjunction with my previous post so you know what the hell I’m talking about! Hopefully it makes sense…

  • – Intro: my name is mike, and I have manboobs. anyone else have manboobs here? #PremiseSelfDeprecation (2 minutes) #Ready #time 2.5 minutes
  • – one day I just woke up and, you know, tried to make them hard, tried to clench them…and they didn’t respond… #PhysicalActingout
  • – when i was young I’d look into the mirror and say, yeah! look at that body! I’m sexy! When I was young they were square (body motions)…you know what those are called? those are called pecs #PhysicalActingout #DeviceRhetoricQuestion
  • – now they are like misshapen teardrops sagging diagonally from my body… #DeviceDescription
  • – some of you, here tonight, suffer from this affliction… #DeviceCrowdInteraction (point and pound chest with first to two people, mouth “i’m here for you, brother”)…and there’s nowhere for us to go, there ain’t no support group for the newly manoobed
  • – and they are not pecs anymore, ladies and gentlemen…they’re boobs… #DeviceRepetition
  • – Gymsportsbra #Ready #time 2.5 minutes
  • – and the people at the gym know it….
  • – and you know, I tried to make it better…I bought the pushup bra for men…you know what that is? underarmour #DeviceRhetoricQuestion
  • – see, what they don’t tell you is that it fits fat guys slightlyyy differently than it does muscular guys #nb
  • – you see when GSP wears it, you see all of his rippling muscles, his abs, the triceps, all of that…when I wear it, it looks like two pieces of the quality street i talked about, but now they’re just being held in place… #PhysicalActingout #FacialExpr
  • – now it just looks like a have a lazy eye on my chest that’s constantly winking at people… #PhysicalActingout #FacialExpression
  • – If it was really UnderArmor it would make me look like batman, not the fat jade statue at chinese restaurants you see when you’re walking out #DeviceAnger #DeviceDescription I’m not a goddamn symbol of prosperity and good fortune #tb
  • – gravity’s a bitch isn’t it? god damn…

Take care friends!

Michael Jagdeo


About Michael Jagdeo

My name's Michael Jagdeo, and I refuse to write about myself in the third person. I'm a Comedian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to honing my stand-up comedy act, I maintain this blog and write the weekly comedy article for
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