Using Comedy Best Practices 1 via My Treasure’s In Heaven (false) and When BRB Doesn’t Mean BRB

Can I apply the bumper sticker, ‘…but my treasure’s in heaven’ in real life? Do people really come back when they say BRB? This continues a series where I apply the best practices learned from Mike Bent’s, ‘The Ultimate Guide To Writing Comedy.’

Techniques & Tools Used

  1. Set-up: Premise of the joke.
  2. Punchline: Line that gets a laugh.
  3. Tag: Another line that gets a laugh.
  4. Follow-up (Surprise) Tag: Yet another line that gets a laugh.
  • Rule of Three: Audiences expect a joke on the third beat.
  • Ellipses: Using …’s to add pauses when writing

Don’t Let The Car Fool You; My Treasure Is In Heaven

  • Set up: I saw a guy driving a Neon and he had a bumper sticker that said, ‘Don’t let the car fool you, my treasure is in heaven.’ I don’t think that I could use that excuse when I’m with a woman.
  • Punchline: I drop my pants, I drop my underpants…she sighs, starts to put her clothes back on, I couldn’t make her stop by saying, ‘Don’t let my lolee fool you, my treasure is in heaven.’ Well you ain’t gonna none ah dis buried treasure!
  • Tag: BTW, how pissed is that guy gonna be when he gets to heaven and everybody is driving a Neon? God damnit! You made me drive a Neon for 40 years and now this! Why hast thou forsaken me…again?!
  • Surprise Tag: My son, here: everyone drives a Neon…Noooooo…I should’ve been a Hindu! I just couldn’t get past the elephant man with the 8 arms! I could’ve made girls squirt consonants for all eternity. (callback to another joke I’ll post about Sex Bots following me on Twitter).

Be Right Back (BRB) My Ass!

  • Set up: What does BRB stand for?
  • Punchline with Rule of Three:Because when I have conversations on facebook , I’ll send a message (first beat), they’ll respond with brb (second beat), and… (ellipses to show pause) they never come back (punchline).
  • Tag: Maybe it means BRownie Begone (tag). (help me! I need a better abbreviation than Brownie begone!!)
  • Surprise Tag with Rule of Three: ‘Hey Sara how are you this morning’ BRB ‘What the heck man! I just want to say hi…and I think you’re poetry is amazing…and I love you!!’

Update! FYI, I have 3 other bits that I’ve come up with since reading Mike Bent’s book on Wednesday. I’ll post the other videos on Saturday and Monday. Stay Tuned! Or, fuz it, subscribe to my Youtube Channel and just take a look at all of them right now…


About Michael Jagdeo

My name's Michael Jagdeo, and I refuse to write about myself in the third person. I'm a Comedian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to honing my stand-up comedy act, I maintain this blog and write the weekly comedy article for
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5 Responses to Using Comedy Best Practices 1 via My Treasure’s In Heaven (false) and When BRB Doesn’t Mean BRB

  1. Greg says:

    Hey man,,,interesting stuff here. One comment tho…
    Regarding the BRB shit……if you say “maybe it means brownie be gone…” It doesn’t make any sense. People will be like wtf….brownie be gone is not BRB…its BBG. I can see where you’re going with it tho. Keep it up. Just keep in mind little subtle things like that which don’t work.

  2. Anmol says:

    what about “Bye Retard, Begone” in a blonde voice?

  3. Anmol says:

    what about, “Bye Retard, Begone” in a blonde voice

  4. Hey Mike,

    It’s Michael Jagdeo from the future. The best practices aren’t working. Do crowd work and improv instead.

    I know, I know, it’s difficult and scary and you’re not sure if they’re gonna laugh…but just do it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised… IG Jagdeocomedy for evidence

    Michael Jagdeo

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