Toronto Comedian Improvises On Stage

I’ve always revered comedians that could improvise on stage. Now it’s my turn…

If Improv Is What They Want…

Early in my career (by that I mean, two months ago), I realized that audiences adored comedians that could improvise. And since most of my first few weeks were spent in the audience rather than on stage, I’d ask myself:

If I had to go up right now, as soon as he/she was done, what would I say to tie in with what they said?

That practice paid off tonight at Groove Bar.


Gathering The Material

Here’s what I saw before I came on stage:

What jokes could you improvise using this?

What jokes could you improvise using this?

This is how I used it:

Not a bad reaction from the crowd, eh?


Why It Worked

The funny thing is, I enjoyed the improvised part more than my actual material. Why? Because, it was funny in that moment in time. Plus, I felt like I created a special connection with the audience because they knew EXACTLY what I was talking about.

Something special happened tonight, though. As I was waiting for my turn to go up, I was calm. I’ve never felt that way before. After looking at my last video, I realized that some jokes weren’t hitting simply because I was rushing through the set. This time on the drive over, I practiced my set in a slow, pensive manner, imagining each line as if they were coming one by one from a teleprompter that I controlled with my mind. I’m also getting more comfortable with having silent pauses between my bits so I can collect my thoughts.


Lesson Learned: Improvised Material Doesn’t Have To Stay Improvised

Just because I’ve improvised a bit, that doesn’t mean that I can’t incorporate it into my act. The bit about being uncomfortable peeing when a menacing UFC poster of Mark Hominick is staring at you in the face is funny. And the tag (a follow-up punchline) about it bringing back bad childhood memories is even funnier. Since these posters are virtually in every bar, other audiences will be able to relate.

The best part? I know it already works. There’s no guessing involved like when you write a joke and then test it out on stage. Can I get an excelsior?

Nothing like some RHCP to end a blog that itself is ending at almost 5am…

Michael Jagdeo


About Michael Jagdeo

My name's Michael Jagdeo, and I refuse to write about myself in the third person. I'm a Comedian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to honing my stand-up comedy act, I maintain this blog and write the weekly comedy article for
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