Funny Pictures – Blog Hater Fail

Haters gon’ hate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t exact a little revenge, does it?

hater fail kyla pawis racist girl from brampton

Taken from, ‘In Defense of Kyla Pawis, Racist White Girl From Brampton.’


About Michael Jagdeo

My name's Michael Jagdeo, and I refuse to write about myself in the third person. I'm a Comedian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to honing my stand-up comedy act, I maintain this blog and write the weekly comedy article for
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4 Responses to Funny Pictures – Blog Hater Fail

  1. Is it because I’m black? *snicker* Betcha he plays the race card…without ever having a look at you. Eejit. Knee-jerk reactionary eejit at that. Gotta love trolls who aren’t even good at it.

    • Hey HTBS,

      I think that people are a lot looser with their comments because the internet allows them to be anonymous.

      But I can’t deny the sick pleasure I took when I found his comments online…it’s a base emotion, I know, but still…


  2. Singh says:

    That was dry, Jaggy. Just dry. Way to put that person in his place.

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