Toronto Comedian Becomes Stronger By Bombing at Naughty Nadz

Recently, I’ve been working on a Kim Kardashian bit. Last night, I had my chance to try it out.

Toronto Comedian Becomes Stronger By Bombing at Naughty Nadz

Toronto Open Mic show Naughty Nadz by Blair Streeter - Jagdeocomedy on twitter -

I went to Blair Streeter‘s Naughty Nadz Open Mic Comedy Show last night; I bombed. Well, I didn’t totally bomb, but it didn’t go as well as I planned.

It sucks because I was ready to go, man. I had the funniest bit ever about Kim Kardashian…and it fell flat. Fuz.

But I have an even better bit now because of it.

The Benefits Of Bombing On Stage

Toronto comedian goes home by subway - Jagdeocomedy on twitter -

The thing we all hate about open mics is that you’re often in front of comedians. Like, a lot of comedians. And comedians don’t laugh nearly as much as regular audiences do.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re not extremely useful. All it means is that you have to look a bit deeper for the feedback. A chuckle usually indicates that you’re onto something.

Reviewing My Recorded Set

toronto comedian listens to his own recording

As pissed as I was on the subway (it took me one and a half hours to get back home), I woke up today with a plan: I was going to listen to the recording to find out:

  • What hit
  • What missed
  • Why people laughed

The last bullet point is different from the other two. Quinn C. Martin told me that understanding why people laugh allows you to slowly unlock the secret to success. The commenters on this blog have found that the element of self-deprecating humor works well for me. Personally, I’ve found that imagination (i.e. taking the situation out of reality) and misdirection also produce results.

So take a look at the new, and improved, Kim Kardashian bit. I hope you like it. But if you don’t…that’s cool too.

Kim Kardashian Fucked them…now you want to Boycott her? - People that hate Kim Kardashian


  • I was doing a search on Kim Kardashian the other day and I came across a site called…I guess they hated her.
  • Question for you guys…do we like Kim Kardashian? Yes? No? Why? (Element: Audience interaction | Results: Kept audience engage at Naughty Nads)


  • The major criticism is that’s she’s gotten a lot from doing very little. (Action: delivered matter-of-factly + nod head)
  • ….am I the only one that finds that….IMPRESSIVE!? (Action: stop nodding + turn head | Element: Misdirection)


  • I’ve been trying to do a lot with a little for 28 years…it’s hard…no really it’s hard; that’s the problem! (Action: point to crotch | Results: Hit Naughty Nadz | Element: Misdirection)

How Does Kim Kardashian Get So Much Attention?

kim kardashian fucked ray j


  • I have a blog, and for a thousand hits a day, I’d change my religion.


  • You know she gets a million hits? (Wait for answer) No, for that she’d get 20 million hits. (Element: Audience Interaction)
  • Let me tell you something: she could drop a cashew nut on the ground and the CASHEW would get a 500K followers on Twitter the very next day.


  • And if it played it’s card right, It might even get nominated for, ‘Legume of the year.’ Unbelievable.
  • (If heckled, ‘Cashew is not a legume.’ Listen kumkwat: I’ll show you two legumes after the show.)


  • U of t marketing professors should do a study on her called, ‘Popping Your #$%@#! To Fame and Fortune.’

Kim Kardashian Made Millions from Having Sex ONCE

kim kardashian built a media empire by having sex once - JagdeoComedy on twitter michaeljagdeo.wordpress


  • Who’s the guy she had sex with? (Action: Wait for answer)
  • Some of you guys have it backwards…Kim Kardashian didn’t get fucked by Ray J, she fucked him.
  • Dude…she made millions from having sex once…ONCE!


  • There are pornstars that have had sex everyday on camera for the past 15 years that still have to use 2 Can Dine for 6.99 coupons at McDonald’s…she made millions by having sex ONCE, and it wasn’t even in HD.(Results: hit at Naughty Nadz)
  • What’d Ray J get? That’s right: nobody cares.


  • Some girls get STD’s when they have sex…what’d she get? A media fucking empire. …and I’m pretty sure Ray J doesn’t ejaculate fame and fortune….
  • well, I’m 99% percent sure he doesn’t…ejaculate..fame…and fortune…


  • Take the number of women in here…….multiply that by the number of dicks they’ve sucked…we’re talking millions!
  • The closest they got to making millions was the money shot they took in face.


  • I had sex the other day, and all I got was a long sigh of disappointment and a lifetime subscription to, ‘Feeling Inadequate Around Black Guys‘ magazine.’ (THANKS GREG FOR THE INSPIRATION ON THIS ONE!)
  • Kim Kardashian didn’t get fucked by Ray J. You know what she did? …She (Element: Audience Interaction |audience finishes sentence)

Jay-Z and DMX in an open mic of their own (DMX fan forever),

…and this is where THAT was born:

Michael Jagdeo


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My name's Michael Jagdeo, and I refuse to write about myself in the third person. I'm a Comedian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to honing my stand-up comedy act, I maintain this blog and write the weekly comedy article for
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