People that tweet too much – Part 1

At 1:32AM, I had this idea that I’ve been talking to a number of people about, namely Quinn C. Martin and Brian Coughlin, regarding the misuse of Facebook and Twitter by, well, stupid people. I thought I might give you some insight about how a bit congeals from stream of consciousness -> polished bit ready for public consumption. Here we go.

People that Tweet Too Goddamn Much – Feb 21 1:32AM

people that tweet too much

  • once came across this girl that had 30k tweets
  • unless you’re cnn, there’s a problem here
  • see the problem with twitter is that it was meant for important people to say shit
  • problem is, now everyone has access
  • everyone has the ability to broadcast messages
  • problem with that? not everyone was meant to be heard
  • not everyone has something to say
  • so what happens? people that didn’t have something to say just say it because they want to feel important
  • we all want to be heard
  • these people tweeting 5x an hour
  • unless you’re odysseus on a quest to get home and you’re fucking bitches and navigating scylla and chaybdis bitch you ain’t got shit to say
  • it’s always things like:
    1. getting this paper
    2. gotta clean my room
    3. smh chris brown
    4. what’s up with this fool?
    5. ….
    6. getting this paper
    7. gotta clean my room
  • these are the people that are shutting down twitter.
  • between you and me, I think we should cap the number of messages you can post on fb to 2 per day
  • that way people would spend less time pretending that they’re getting money and ACTUALLY GET MONEY
  • if you’re on your grind you don’t have that much time to tweet about it

I’ll continue to update this page as I develop the idea more and more.

Whaddaya think? Is there a bit here?


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My name's Michael Jagdeo, and I refuse to write about myself in the third person. I'm a Comedian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to honing my stand-up comedy act, I maintain this blog and write the weekly comedy article for
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