The Multi-Level Marketing Meeting

Day #8 of my 20-Day Writing Challenge. Yesterday, I made fun of the funny tactics used by multi-marketing companies to recruit new people into their businesses (click here for that post). Today, we pick up the joke with me sitting in the meeting and listening to the booming voice talk over the Powerpoint presentation.

There Is A Market For What We Do

But the best part of the MLM meeting was when they tried to prove that there was a market for the product they were selling:

MLM jokes network marketing jokes

Don’t Get Left Behind!

They also want to make you feel like you’re missing out on a huge opportunity:

MLM jokes network marketing jokes humor

Aspirational Marketing

There’s an idea in marketing where you say, ‘Like this person? Well he’s doing exactly what we’re telling you to do. Do you want to be like that person? Well, then do what he does you too can become like him. They tapped into this idea, too!

MLM jokes network marketing jokes humor 3


By the way…is Puff Daddy really ordering all of that when he goes out to fancy restaurants? (I’ll be puff daddy…imagine me with buck teeth).

Waitress: Yes, Mr. Diddy, what can I get you today?
Puff Daddy: Yeah, I’ll have uh…spaghetti, fettucine, and veal.
Waitress: Um, I apologize Mr. Diddy…those are three separate entrees, each with their own side orders and….
Puff Daddy: Yo, I said, spaghetti, fettucine, and veal bitch!
Waitress: Um, ah, Ok Mr. Diddy…

…she gets the manager…

Manager: Yes, Hello Mr. Diddy, I understand there might be a problem with your meal…?
Puff Daddy: Nah homie…no problem with the meal…all I want is spaghetti, fetuccine, and veal man!
Manager: Yes, sir, but, those are 3 separate meals, and it being summerlicious, we only allow one entree per visit…and uh, sir, we don’t allow black sunglasses to be worn in our restaurant…
Puff Daddy: What the fuck did you just say to me?

Black Sunglasses

[This is a joke that I wrote a long time ago that I never got to use…yet another argument to keep writing and writing and writing and…I might finally get to use it!]

And by the way…that’s also something I never understood…why the black sunglasses inside?? Where I come from, black girls have negative attitudes man…like arguing with the Cashier at McDonald’s bad attitude…huh…maybe that’s why black guys wear sunglasses in a club: it helps them visually filter out the black women so they only see the white ones.

They scan the club like Terminator:

Black girl: negative…White girl: positive match…Remove her clothes…Error: She’s pregnant: Abort – Abort. She’s keeping it: Hastalavista…

I’ve never puffed, ‘incense’ because I’m addicted to food…getting addicted to weed would kill me via munchies in a year and a half!


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2 Responses to The Multi-Level Marketing Meeting

  1. carlos says:

    hey mate,

    try incorporating MLJT (multi-level joke telling) into your act. you tell a joke, and the audience members tell it to their friends, who tell it to their friends, etc. and each time, the joke teller gets to keep some of the laughter… but not all of it… that’s capitalism.

    • Absolutely! Just have to keep trying to come up with ‘purple cow’ type material per Seth Godin, and the exponential growth regarding the public’s awareness will come…I think.

      Who knows…

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