Tim Sims 2012 Fresh Meat Competition Preliminaries – A Look Back

Last night, I tested my best three minutes against 20 other comedians in a battle to see who would move on to the final round of five. Eventually, the selected rivals will battle it out on October 29 for the Tim Sims Award, $5,000.00, and a scholarship to Second City.

My performance consisted of the material between from 1:17 – 4:00:

Though they laughed, I didn’t get any of the applause breaks that I’m used to. And while I tortured myself on the way home about that, I woke up this morning realizing that if I’m upset about not getting applause breaks, I have one of those good problems.

I’m glad that I basically did two jokes the entire time. A lot of the field did anywhere from 4-7 different jokes, and I’m hoping that my deep dive into material impressed the judges.

To all of my fellow competitors, I wish you all the best. Seriously. Josh Infald and Christi Olson had the best sets of the night, Lwam Ghebrehariat‘s stage presence was unmatched, Rulers of the Universe & Templeton Philharmonic had the crowd roaring, and Robert Keller masterfully wove crowd work and material. Along with myself, those would be my picks for the finals.

Definite Plans

entrepeneurship and comedy

Winning the Tim Sims Fresh Meat Competition would be awesome!!!! In fact, when my name is announced on Friday, I’m thinking about producing a show of my own so that I can hone my skills before October 29 2012.

Procrastination and delay do not exist in my life. There is no delay in universal mind. I am willing to give up anything that hinders my desire. I am impelled and compelled to act on every increasing opportunity to bring forth this desire. – Dr. Robert Anthony, Beyond Positive Thinking

Wait a minute…if I think that I need to start producing a show to prepare for the finals, then I need to start producing my own show regardless. I want to become a killer comedian NOW. I’m going to make a few calls, go on a…there’s Quinn calling right now. I’ll ask him…

…sweet! We’re gonna go check out venues this week. Boomshakalaka!

Moving Forward

After everything that went on last night, the old Mike would’ve given himself a congratulatory sleep in. But there’s too much fun to be had, i.e.:

  • I’m going to go on a workout regimen that will see me lose 10-20 lbs in the next two months.
  • I will need 15 minutes of material on October 29, so I have another deadline to work towards. And you know how I feel about deadlines!
  • I’m finalizing my first paid writing gig with an AVN-winning pornography company. How’s that for a resume bullet point?
  • My IT clients are breathing down my neck with new deliverables.
  • The TV show I’m doing needs a studio.
  • Oh! Find a venue for my open mic.

Quinn told me watch 7:14 – 8:51 to get all of the advice I’d ever need in comedy…



About Michael Jagdeo

My name's Michael Jagdeo, and I refuse to write about myself in the third person. I'm a Comedian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to honing my stand-up comedy act, I maintain this blog and write the weekly comedy article for blogTO.com.
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4 Responses to Tim Sims 2012 Fresh Meat Competition Preliminaries – A Look Back

  1. Really good set! It’s a pleasure to follow along on your journey. You’ve changed and grown and learned so much in just a few months.

    • Thanks!

      It’s often a lonely process, becoming an artist. You play the fine line between trying to find a voice and trying to be accepted.

      Having people like yourself believe in me has meant the world to me. 🙂

  2. Hi Michael,
    Just came across this while doing some reading. Thanks for the very kind words about our performance, and it was fun to see you up there; laughed aloud at the “turning the page” bit, and neat to see the material again in this vid in a different environment. It was definitely a different feeling for us to be up there on that stage and with that crowd, as opposed to other venues we’ve performed in before, maybe you also found that and noticed the way it can change the delivery. Most of all, great thoughts in here on pursuing your goals, look forward to following this blog, inspiring stuff.

    Jeremy Woodcock (Rulers of the Universe)

    • Hey Jeremy,

      No worries! Rulers of the Universe is my new favourite sketch troupe. The way that you got all of the details just right in that bit about grandpa learning how to play video games was brilliant. It’s not often that you find people getting applause breaks from nerdy premises. I could learn a lot from you guys! Any tips you’d have would be great. Oh, and please keep me up to date on your shows. I write This Week In Comedy for blogTO and would love to feature ya!

      Yeah, the venue was totally different from anything I’ve ever done. At one point, I looked up and thought to myself, ‘Oh that’s right…there are people in the rafters, too…

      Finally, thanks for the kind words. The best thing about being in the Tim Sim’s Fresh Meat Competition was to meet other comedians seriously looking to make an impact.


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