2 Responses to How To Handle Anxiety – A Root Cause Analysis

  1. Cindy Allingham says:

    I think you are exactly right. The first step is to recognize where your anxiety comes from, what it is doing to you, and how artificial it is. And the second step is to let it go. Sounds easier than it is, of course, but I have found over many years (and an experience with burnout) that when one is driving oneself and rushing around being busy, generally one’s self-talk is intense. “Get your arse in gear, lazy bones! What if you don’t get that report done on time? What if the presentation flops? Go, go, go!!!!” Shoulders clench, knots form in back muscles, jaw becomes rigid causing headaches. Breathing becomes tough. Sleep is more difficult, immune system gets fucked up, and pretty soon viruses find you attractive. But all you can think about is to keep going, keep pushing, keep running. Your body finally packs a punch, or packs it in. Then you usually have to take some time off, although many of us corporate types deny even that. So one first has to make that self-talk soothing, caring, nurturing, humourous, and loving. Love yourself. Go get a massage, or a seaweed scrub, or something that makes you feel physically pampered and cared-for. Re-assess your crappy eating habits, eat some veggies you enjoy, exercise gently (yoga, Tai Chi), and drink lots of pure water. Do something that you are good at and like to do, to remind yourself that you are a pretty neat person. Rev up the romance in your life, whatever that might be. Cherish friends and enjoy some time with family, because they will make you feel loved. Once you are floating around on a self-love cloud, and have removed physical and mental strain, you will find yourself happier, sleeping and eating better, and can think rationally about removing stressors in your life. That’s when you can ask yourself whether you are doing the right things, and if they are making you happy. You can decide those stressors must remain or you can decide to ditch them. But follow-through for sure, and try to retain the happiness cloud around you. Oh, and buy yourself a little reward for coming through another screaming turn on the life rollercoaster.

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    Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 14:52:57 +0000 To: cindyallingham@hotmail.com

    • Hey Cindy,

      Artificial is a great way of putting it. The pyrotechnics of fear are sometimes blinding, but I’m slowly learning to try and stand outside myself and recognize it for the drama that it is.

      Your point about the negative self-talk is spot on. In fact, I woke up this morning thinking, ‘Man, I don’t wanna do any work today.’ I simply recognized it as the thoughts of a groggy mind and let them go.

      The way I’m trying to combat the feeling of rushiness throughout the day is to systematically plan rest and rejuvenation activities between work. In fact, I use the following chart to make sure that I’m addressing every one of my goals in a healthy, sustainable way:

      Finally, what you said about self-love is something that I’m finding absolutely crucial. Specifically, when I don’t perform the way that I want to or experience feelings of hate and/or separation, I’m trying to appreciating my humanity, rather than being critical of myself and getting caught up in the cycle of self-analysis.

      It’s really helpful to know that you’ve been through what I’m going through and have come out on the other end! It really means a lot.


      PS – Lol, and yeah, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of retail therapy, too!

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