4 Responses to Calling Bullshit

  1. I never understood why men use ‘pussy’ as an insult when they love it so much…

    I belive I made that up myself, been saying it for years, but I could be wrong of course. You can have it if it’s useful in a set; when I say it men look at me like I’m about to whip out a Bowie knife and castrate them. Might be one of those ‘too close to home’ jokes that women shouldn’t say to men.

    I’m sorry for your family troubles. I hope your presence helps.

    You’ve done amazing with your weight loss, you should be very happy with yourself for that. I’m sure you feel better, and have more confidence – despite your insulting alter ego slagging you off 🙂

    • Ha!

      You know what? I’m going to figure out how to work that line into my sets one of these days!

      Yeah, you know what? The weight loss has been one of the things that I’ve been able to take under my full control. My doctor said that I was pre-diabetic, and that really scared me. So, I started creating Serial Rituals around having veggies (started with 3 times per week, now up to six, and am going to start slowly working in fruits into the mix).

      Same thing with the working out, in that I started just walking for 20 minutes, four times a week, and then making the walks longer and longer. Now, I’m doing P90x three times a week (25 mins), walking twice a week, and my next thing is to incorporate sprints. It’s not a glamourous way of working out, but I was really looking for something sustainable that I could keep up. I’ve always gone 300% when it comes to working out, only to get tired and demotivated after a couple weeks.

      Hope you’re keeping well!


      • I’ve never really tried to work out for the sake of working out. It bores me. But I like doing physical work as a job. I get lots of exercise, I’m not bored, and I can let my mind wander.

        Considering I just turned 42 and have been planted behind a desk for over 10 years, I’m dead pleased that my workplace, instead of firing me for being off for depression for three months, has moved me to the warehouse where I get to work alone most of the day, move a lot of heavy stuff, and have nearly entirely gotten over my fear of heights (oh the ladders, the ladders!). I haven’t weighed myself in over a year, but I’ve gone from notch 2 on my favourite belt to notch 4, and getting close to notch 5. My wrists are still as thin as useless twigs, but my forearms are ROCK HARD!

        You definitely focus more on plans and plans of action than I ever did or could imagine doing. I like to see the way you think, as it is totally foreign to me.

        I really hope you can use that line – it does seem like something you could work with. I’ve never heard a man say it, it would be interesting to see the reactions compared to what I get! Mostly it’s dead silence. Mostly it’s me the only female in a group of guys who don’t realise calling someone a pussy could be considered offensive – and I’m pointing it out to them, but in what I think is a funny way… Maybe it isn’t really funny after all?

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