To Gain The World But Lose Your Soul

what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soulIn this blog, I’m going to show you my thought process as it happened in real time. The italicized portion in the beginning is my thought process before I figured out the underlying truth. If you don’t give two shits about my process, start reading at Desired Outcome: Become a World-Famous Stand-Up Comic, and please accept my apologies for my hubris in thinking that my ideas are so grand that people will actually want to see my thought process in the first place.

What could be worse than accomplishing your dream of becoming an [INSERT YOUR DREAM TITLE HERE] but the way that you achieve/achieved your dream caused you to act in a way that compromised your beliefs and values?

I was listening to the Tony Robbins program Unleash The Power Within, and he talked about the need for a Change in Approach if/when your actions aren’t leading you closer to your Desired Outcome.

For example, let’s say that your Desired Outcome is to become a world-famous stand-up comedian. If people don’t laugh, according to Tony Robbins, that means you need to recognize that a Change in Approach is required.

Makes sense, right? But what if you Change your Approach SO MUCH that it compromises the Very Outcome i.e. hold on, wait…

You have to define the outcome intelligently, or you may gain your outcome and lose your soul.

What I mean by that is that if you become a world-famous stand-up comic by doing magic, well maybe you will still feel like a failure because, well, you’re doing fucking magic tricks for 13-year old Christian children.

So defining your outcome is very important. The how you get there/stay there are just as important as achieving the outcome in the first place.

OK wait we should structure this differently…

Desired Outcome: Become a World-Famous Stand-Up Comic.

Opinion 1: Change Change Change based On Results Until Outcome Achieved per Tony Robbins: With each performance, you need to change/adjust/refine your approach so you can become funnier and funnier and funnier.

Opinion 2: Do Not Depend Solely On Results per Jack Kornfield via Thomas Merton – “The value, the rightness, and the truth of what you’re doing are paramount.” – Excerpt from a conversation with Duncan Trussell

Yes…right. What does it profit a man if he has gained the world but lost his soul? Two things.

The Importance of Specific Outcomes
You have to set very specific outcomes for your life, or you just might end up A) getting what you wanted and B) hating who you’ve become during the process. The outcome isn’t simply to become a world-famous stand-up comic. The outcome is to become a world-famous stand-up comic while remaining true to yourself. In this case, Tony wasn’t wrong, I was. I set an incomplete outcome. Tony recognized this when he used the example of Jim Belushi. Jim achieved everything he wanted in life and still committed suicide. Ok cool. It was me misinterpreting what he was saying. My bad, Tone.

Results aren’t Everything
A bad result doesn’t mean that you need to change your approach. You can make a good decision that results in a bad outcome.

Low and behold, the perfect song (first verse’s lyrics are rell nice)

“I’m changing today for the better
Talking to the person in the mirror
‘Cause from fame and money start run, it seems like you nah move clever
Whappen to the big, big tunes you use to make?
And whappen to the hungry person you used to rep?
Make mi tell you this: You better come back to reality else mi and you ah done and mi nah tek check
You try to remember why you love music
And start to remember why you start do this
[…]Back to reality, back to earth
Back to reality mi haffi do my work” – Gappy Ranks, Back to Reality


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My name's Michael Jagdeo, and I refuse to write about myself in the third person. I'm a Comedian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to honing my stand-up comedy act, I maintain this blog and write the weekly comedy article for
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One Response to To Gain The World But Lose Your Soul

  1. Job Old Testament says:

    Your soul is worth more than time it self. And i always say to those willing to make deals with lucy, lucy has been existing since time it self…and you being a human born less that 100 yrs ago…and you really think you can negotiate a deal. Those who do i hear them signing their rain songs everywhere i go ….supermarkets and malls and all of them are pleading with lucy to remember them… in the after life…and what does he do.. he laughs in their faces….because he never liked u humans…because GOD favoured you by giving u chris as a way out…but lucy will work day and night to derail you from that truth…thats why they have such shows like everybody hates chris…anyways you get the picture….all i gotta tell u is this if these so called secret clubs they want you to join in order to get ahead… if their are so clean why are they kept a secret…evil likes darkness…so dont let them sell you their story… the truth is in chris and you can read about him everywhere…even hotels have a bible in each room. But where is their bible…in secret hand signs and triangles in logos…their (i)’s in their companies names…because their waiting for their one eyed mesiah. Don’t be fooled..

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