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In Life, Comedy, and Business – What You Can & Cannot Control

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REPORT: Trudeau’s Background in Economics

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I’m An Actor (Now)

In the race to get to the next punchline, stand-up comedians have to sacrifice a ton of their babies (and not just the females). However, given that I’m a writer first and a performer second, I often feel that certain … Continue reading

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My Best Set Ever

Dear Diary, It’s been exactly one month since we last talked. Why the wait, you ask? Remember the reggae set that I was agonizing over? The one that was causing me to lose sleep and take long walks in the … Continue reading

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Mentorship, Biophilia, and Dancehall Jokes Reggae Jokes

The Importance Of Mentorship The other night, I gave a series of jokes. That’s all it was: a series of jokes. They didn’t have anything to do with one another. And although I got a few laughs, I felt disappointed … Continue reading

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