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Giving Joy a Big-Ass Bearhug (Oh yeah, and Achieving Goals. Yeahyeah…Goals)

Dear Diary, A few months ago, I started really getting down on myself. This comedy shit – is it worth it? Can I really make it? But it’s going to take soooo loooonnnggg… Thankfully, my perspective on life has been … Continue reading

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Business Plan Review: A look back on Q2 2012

I manage my comedy career like a business, setting clearly defined goals, broken down by milestones deadlined accordingly. Pivot I recently read an article about companies in Silicon Valley changing their direction, or pivoting, when things weren’t working out or … Continue reading

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Comedy Business Plan and Goals Review for Q1 2012

When 2012 reared it’s head, I set out my goals for the first quarter. Why’d I do that? The Importance of Goal-Setting Primerica’s Hector LaMarque said it best (paraphrasing): When you go to a restaurant, do you ask for a … Continue reading

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