Toronto Stand-up Comedian dabbles in SEO – Part 1

Hi there,

In a recent conversation I had with Kevin Gasior (, he said, ‘There are 100’s of great comics nobody has ever heard of and probably never will.’  To me, that means promotion is just as important as the product.  If I create a bunch of funny bits and nobody comes to see my shows, I’ll be laughing my ass off in a cubicle.

Fuck that.  That’s not going to be me.

And so I need to learn how to promote myself.  Dane Cook, by all accounts, is the best example of this.  He fully immersed himself in the business of popularity and he sold out Madison Square Gardens – twice.

And so I did some research on SEO, got some books, created some action items, and prioritized them:

SEO for a Stand-up comedian

SEO for a Stand-up in Toronto

Over the next few weeks, I’ll document how I’m navigating this space in the race to become much, much more than a great comic: I want to be a great comic that people come to see.

Your ‘ol buddy ‘ol pal,

Michael Jagdeo


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