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These videos show the wide range of things that have happened to me on stage, from doing well to bombing, getting heckled to working the crowd. It’s not meant to be a highlight reel of all my best performances. Rather, I want it to show the ups, downs, and sideways of being a comedian.

Never forget that failure is a key ingredient to success. When people criticize you unfairly, they’re criticizing what you’ve done, not what you’re going to do. Always remember that people will hate you when you do poorly AND when you do well, so just keep doing what you’re doing and follow your heart.

Full Set from CanuMakeUmLaugh
Sexy Online Dating Pictures Women Don’t Want To Date
My Dad Never Bought Me Nike Using Crowd Work To Get Out of A Jam
The First Performance Does Kim Kardashian Swallow?

4 Responses to Videos

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  2. Taona Mbona says:

    Hey Mike good job i love your material very original and straight to the point…i was LMAO on all these videos..put up some show time and where you will me performing so i can come see you …bro…

  3. McGoo says:

    Great stuff

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