My First Open Mic In A Year

comedian bombinb on stage

As I went down the stairs into the subway, I called Quinn to tell him that I was heading to an open mic. Immediately, he exclaimed,

Jiggy!!! Back on the wagon!!!

It’s my sincere hope that you have a best friend that believes in you the way I know Quinn believes in me. I told him I’d call him when I got topside.

And, *exhale*, there I was, on my way to an open mic.

The Performance

As I walked to the bar, Quinn and I got to talking about bombing, and I asked him, “As a host, what’s your strategy on how to follow a comic that bombs?Continue reading

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My Model is Better Than Your Model


Dear Diary,

Recently, I’ve been fighting the urge to explain away the success of the people around me, especially those who operate in ways that offend my opinion of how people should achieve success, treat others, etc.

Luckily, I’ve been listening to the Ram Dass podcast, and through a combination of his lectures and daily meditation, I’ve started looking at the universe in a different way.

Continue reading

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All Who Wander Are Not Lost

What success actually looks like

It’s 6:53AM, and I’m already on the morning train to work with the other Filipino nannies/Tim Horton’s employees. I’m listening to Sexy Girl by Snow – one of my guilty pleasures. Dippity bippity dippity bippity dippity best friend uh…It occurs to me that I haven’t been on stage since August 2013…it’s April fucking 11 2014.

Writing to you…honestly? It hurts. Continue reading

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The Siren Song of The Benjamins


Dear Diary,

After months and months of skinning my knees in my new job as a Headhunter, in January, I shot from dead last in the office to third in sales. It’s quite literally the toughest endeavour I’ve ever undertaken, but after a few deals, I know what it takes to be successful.

But wait: this isn’t Diary of a Headhunter, or is it? Have I succumbed to the succubus that is a career making six figures, thereby sacrificing my dream of becoming a killer stand-up comedian??
Continue reading

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Why Am I So Lame?

boy measuring his height

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, I watched Sound of My Voice, a movie about a couple that attempts to infiltrate and expose a cult. Halfway through the film, the leader asked one of the non-believers,

Why are you so lame?

Immediately, I asked myself the same question: Why was I so lame? Why had I failed at virtually everything that I’d tried to do? Why?? Continue reading

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