Rejecting Appreciation

Rejecting appreciation

This weekend, blogTO posted my list of the Top Up and Coming Comedians in Toronto.  When I found out it had reached over 600 Likes, you know what I said to myself?

“Yeah, that’s nice, but if it wasn’t for blogTO, that shit wouldn’t have gotten any likes.”

Ugh. Why can’t I pat myself on the back every now and then?  I mean, sure, blogTO has a huge following, but some of the likes must have had something to do with the list I spent 3 weeks agonizing over again and again, right!?!?  Shit, I must have changed the selection criteria four times, not to mention that I managed to put together a list that I am proud to stand behind (something I wasn’t sure was possible when I started it).


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Finding Comfort In The Pain Of Others

I did my second open mic in two weeks! Not bad for a guy who was without mic for a year.

I had some fun tonight, which is a big deal because that’s one of my goals. I’ve made the decision that I don’t want to be so wrapped up in having a good performance that I take things too seriously and fail to enjoy being a stand-up. Why pursue a passion if you do it in a way that sucks all of the fun out of the process?

Most of the time, I don’t enjoy open mics. Why was tonight different? I saw some legitimate pro’s have mediocre sets.

Let me explain.

I’ll Bomb If You Bomb

misery loves company comedians bomb on stage

When I got to the bar, I saw some comics doing well, and I thought,

comedian bombing on stage how to handle bombing

But then, guys started struggling (it gets tougher and tougher to do well past 11:30pm on a Thursday night) and – this is gonna sound weird – I almost felt liberated. “Worst case scenario is that I do as poorly as everyone else, so at least I won’t be the WORST person who went on stage today.”

That’s a fucked up way to look at things. Does that mean that I need others to perform poorly in order to be myself and have fun on stage? Huh.

Maybe that’s just where I am as a person. But it does show that my willingness to experiment on stage is tied in some way to the willingness of others to experiment and have fun.

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My First Open Mic In A Year

comedian bombinb on stage

As I went down the stairs into the subway, I called Quinn to tell him that I was heading to an open mic. Immediately, he exclaimed,

Jiggy!!! Back on the wagon!!!

It’s my sincere hope that you have a best friend that believes in you the way I know Quinn believes in me. I told him I’d call him when I got topside.

And, *exhale*, there I was, on my way to an open mic.

The Performance

As I walked to the bar, Quinn and I got to talking about bombing, and I asked him, “As a host, what’s your strategy on how to follow a comic that bombs?Continue reading

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My Model is Better Than Your Model


Dear Diary,

Recently, I’ve been fighting the urge to explain away the success of the people around me, especially those who operate in ways that offend my opinion of how people should achieve success, treat others, etc.

Luckily, I’ve been listening to the Ram Dass podcast, and through a combination of his lectures and daily meditation, I’ve started looking at the universe in a different way.

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All Who Wander Are Not Lost

What success actually looks like

It’s 6:53AM, and I’m already on the morning train to work with the other Filipino nannies/Tim Horton’s employees. I’m listening to Sexy Girl by Snow – one of my guilty pleasures. Dippity bippity dippity bippity dippity best friend uh…It occurs to me that I haven’t been on stage since August 2013…it’s April fucking 11 2014.

Writing to you…honestly? It hurts. Continue reading

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