The Siren Song of The Benjamins


Dear Diary,

After months and months of skinning my knees in my new job as a Headhunter, in January, I shot from dead last in the office to third in sales. It’s quite literally the toughest endeavour I’ve ever undertaken, but after a few deals, I know what it takes to be successful.

But wait: this isn’t Diary of a Headhunter, or is it? Have I succumbed to the succubus that is a career making six figures, thereby sacrificing my dream of becoming a killer stand-up comedian??
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Why Am I So Lame?

boy measuring his height

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, I watched Sound of My Voice, a movie about a couple that attempts to infiltrate and expose a cult. Halfway through the film, the leader asked one of the non-believers,

Why are you so lame?

Immediately, I asked myself the same question: Why was I so lame? Why had I failed at virtually everything that I’d tried to do? Why?? Continue reading

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It’s Only Just Begun

sad clown

I have a day job. That’s it: it’s over.

The dream of being a comedian squashed by the base compulsions of Maslow’s bottom rungs. Now, with all my energy being spent on trying to buy it for a dollar and sell it for two, I don’t have the time to do stand-up, let alone write.
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